Technical-analysis index description
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- Description of Technical Analysis -
A technical analysis is divided into a Trend following indicator, an Oscillator system indicator, and a piece rate indicator.
Technical Analysis indicator
The fundamental view of each technical-analysis index and usage are carried. He buys a technical analysis and it shows an analysis person a sign, a sale sign, a profit-taking target value, a loss cut level, etc. However, many cheat also exists in an analysis result. It is necessary to discern whether it is the high sign of the establishment which reduces a cheat and leads to profits. It is very important work "to analyze" validity of a technical analysis by the combination of a technical analysis, the back test in each currency pair, etc.
Trend following indicator Oscillator system indicator Piece rate indicator
Moving average line Bollinger band Momentum Stochastics Volume ratio(VR)
Parabolic time price Envelope psychological line Directional Movment Index(DMI) Wako volume ratio(WVR)
Key leg New price leg % R oscillator separate line On balance volume(OBV)
Renkouasi P&F RSI RCI

About a technical analysis My back test method
-Back test vol.II-Back test vol.III-Back test vol.IV
A risk is mitigated by the distributed entry.
- Timing (time)
- Distribute an entry price.
- Distribute a dealings currency pair.(Diversified investment)
The view of a candlestick
- candlestick
- The pattern of a candlestick
- candlestick and moving average line
Practical use of a trend line
- Trend line (Trend line)
- How to pull a trend line
- The view of a trend line

- Outline
- Trend (trend)?
- The present trend judgment
- The guess of trend conversion
Technical index practical use
- Stochastics
- Proper use of a dealing sign
It sells and buys by the retrogression phenomenon.
- Retrogression phenomenon

Practical use of a moving average line
- Support/resistance

- Buying on reaction/selling on price recovery to former levels
Bollinger band
- Dealing sign
- Proper use of a dealing sign
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